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External Affairs

Wood & Wood provides our clients with effective outreach strategies to develop and manage productive ongoing relationships with external stakeholders, regulators, legislative bodies, and other industry participants.  Our strategies have permitted clients to proactively engage other entities in order to have the maximum impact on the development of statutory and regulatory constraints and to avoid conflicts and unnecessary litigation. 


Wood & Wood also assists clients with the development and dissemination of external communications across multiple distribution platforms, in order to ensure that the messaging is accurate, relevant, and consistent across originating internal organizations, external audiences, and methods of distribution.

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Financial and Economic Analysis

Wood & Wood provides a range of financial analysis services including:

  • Financial management and audit

  • Complex budgeting and forecasting

  • Valuation of closely-held businesses

  • Calculation and rebuttal of damages

  • Cost of service analysis for regulated entities

  • Due diligence analysis


Economic analysis services include:

  • Analysis of competitive market conditions

  • Analysis of entry and exist barriers

  • Review of proposed mergers and the development of proposed merger conditions

  • Impact analysis of changes to state and federal government programs

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Expert Testimony and Advocacy

Don J. Wood has presented expert testimony before state, federal, and overseas courts; legislative committees; administrative and regulatory agencies and alternative dispute resolution tribunals.  The scope of his testimony has included the calculation or rebuttal of damages; regulatory compliance issues; cost-of-service analysis and the development of cost-based rates; business valuations; antitrust analysis; and public policy.


He has also presented and defended the interests of clients before committees of the United States Congress; federal agencies; state legislatures; and state regulatory agencies.

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Contract Support

Government Contract Support:


Wood & Wood has had primary responsibility for the justification of prices contained in clients’ contracts with federal and state agencies, and has assisted clients with the interpretation of contracting guidelines, including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”).


Commercial Contract Support:


Wood and Wood has had primary responsibility for the negotiation (and if necessary, arbitration) of the pricing terms of complex commercial contracts, including comprehensive interconnection agreements between telecommunications carriers.

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Interim and Part-Time Executive Services

Many of our start-up through mid-cap clients find that they have an unmet management need,  but have not reached the size that would cost justify a full time employee.  Wood & Wood can provide an experienced professional to perform financial and operations management functions at a scale that meets your needs and budget.

We can also serve in an interim capacity during the search process, or in a temporary capacity during a transitional stage of your business.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help ensure that they are met in a cost effective way.

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Regulatory Support

Wood & Wood provides complete support for a client’s interactions with regulators and administrative agencies at the state and federal level.  Services include:


  • Establishment of ongoing communication channels

  • Testimony at administrative hearings

  • Interpretation and application of regulations

  • Tariff development and maintenance

  • Compliance audits and filings

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Dispute Resolution

Wood & Wood has provided dispute resolution services as a court-appointed and private mediator.  We have a high rate of success reaching resolution of highly complex commercial disputes involving multiple parties and large numbers of contested issues.  We also have experience with the application of alternative dispute resolution principles to informal settings in order to improve the effectiveness of working groups.

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Wood & Wood uses a combination of instructional materials, group discussion, role playing, and video analysis to provide training to groups of one to twenty people in the following areas:


Public Speaking:


We can help clients overcome inhibitions and learn the tools to become powerful and persuasive speakers in a variety of settings.


Witness Preparation:


We can leverage the experience of hundreds of expert witness appearances to help clients become persuasive witnesses.  Our approach assures that a properly prepared expert can not only be effective when undergoing cross examination, but can treat the encounter as an opportunity to effectively communicate and advance a position.

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