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     Don J. Wood, MBA, CVA, MAFF provides financial, economic, and regulatory analysis services, specializing in technology-driven industries.  He assists clients with complex government and commercial contracts, advises companies and industry associations regarding regulatory and economic policy, and assists investors in their evaluation of investment opportunities.


     In the area of administrative law, Mr. Wood has presented expert testimony before the regulatory bodies of forty-three states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, and has prepared comments and testimony for filing with federal regulators. The subject matter of his testimony has ranged from broad policy issues to detailed cost and price analysis.


     Mr. Wood has also presented testimony in state, federal, and overseas courts regarding business plans and strategies, contract disputes, business valuation, and cost of service issues.  He has presented studies of the damages incurred by plaintiffs and has provided rebuttal testimony to damage calculations performed by others.  Mr. Wood has also testified on these matters in alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

    In the community, Mr. Wood is a volunteer SCUBA diver and Hospitality Host at the Georgia Aquarium, and recently completed a term on the Board of Directors of Living Room (an organization that provides housing assistance to persons and families living with HIV/AIDS).

 Mr. Wood is a Certified Valuation Analyst, Master Analyst in Financial Forensics, member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), and holds a certificate in Data Analytics from Cornell University.  He is an experienced commercial mediator and is registered as a neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.


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