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Recent Wood & Wood projects include the following:

Reviewed and analyzed the charges /quantification of damages asserted by a telecommunications provider associated with alleged damages to underground facilities by an excavating contractor.

On behalf of a wireless service provider, provided expert testimony regarding market conditions, regulatory constraints, and the impact of these factors on the client company and other entities in the market.  Based on an application of these factors, provided testimony regarding contract interpretation and the impact of company valuations and the magnitude of financial damages.

Provided litigation support and expert testimony to a group of service providers whose interests were generally but not perfectly aligned.  Coordinated the efforts of multiple stakeholders to keep the coalition together throughout the litigation process to achieve the most beneficial result for all companies.

On behalf of a group of county emergency communications authorities, assisted with the analysis of proposed Next Generation 911 ESInet services, including an evaluation of the LEC-provided cost study to ensure compliant rates, terms, and conditions.

Provided testimony on behalf of a transportation provider in support of a complaint filed with a regulatory agency.  Subject matter included an analysis of market characteristics, state regulations, and compliance with prior agency orders.

Assisted a large government entity with an analysis of the appropriate pricing of access to its Public Right-of-Way, including an analysis of underlying costs and method of assessing charges to utilities/service providers.

On behalf of a service provider, conducted a comprehensive analysis of costs to provide telecommunications services at confinement facilities across multiple states.  Presented results to the FCC and state agencies, and worked with regulators and inmate advocates to ensure the adoption of cost-based rates.

Provided expert testimony in federal court on behalf of a national telecommunications company regarding technical issues, the history of regulatory oversight, and the impact of these factors on the calculation of financial damages.

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